New Friends & New Threads

Styles, tastes and bodies change, but with a few basic skills up your sleeve, your old garments can grow with you. Earlier this spring, we joined up with Eske Schiralli and the youth-led organization The Kickback to run an upcycling workshop to empower young people to make more with what they have—expressing their creativity while they're at it.

As the Founder and Creative Director at the environmentally-rooted apparel brand Mad mfg., upcycling is a big part of Eske's work and life. So he brought his workshop into Kotn Toronto to teach our young friends how to be their own tailors. Utilizing various sewing and craft techniques, the group transformed their plain white tees into styles unique to them, equipping them with the tools to do so again and again.

Follow the steps below to transform your own garments at home.