Introducing Linen

Introducing Linen

Sustainable and storied, linen is one of the oldest known textiles in the world, deeply rooted in Egyptian heritage. With fibre findings dating back nearly 40,000 years, the earliest known women’s garment, the Tarkhan Dress, was unearthed in Cairo in 1913, dating back 5,000.

Ancient Egyptians prized the fabric as a form of currency, used in daily life, stiffened with starch or worn pleated for clothing, and most notably for mummification—to be shrouded in linen signified purity, light, and wealth.

Linen’s natural sustainability is found in the cultivation of flax: grown in soil enriched by the flooding of the Nile, it’s a virtually waste-free process, requiring no pesticides, herbicides, or irrigation.

All parts of the plant are used for textiles, paper, and even bio-materials, the remaining root left to clean and fertilize the soil for years to come.

Available in two new styles, both practical and poetic: the Linen Button-Up and Linen Band Collar Shirt.

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