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At Kotn, we believe in buying less but wearing longer. A process of sustainability that starts with us—the brand—being as responsible in the manufacturing of a garment as possible, but ends with you and the care you take for each piece.

We currently focus on one remarkable natural material: authentic Egyptian cotton.

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A washing machine puts 90% of its energy toward hot water. Washing your garments in cold water will put less stress on the planet, your utility bill, and the fibres of your garment.

With regular wash and wear, cotton fabrics naturally shrink and expand by 1-2%. We suggest machine washing cold (30°C/80°F).

Wash your garments with like colours and inside out to best preserve their colour and protect the outer surface of the garment.

For everyday laundry, we recommend using just 1/2 to 2/3 of the detergent amount suggested on the packaging, as we often overestimate how much is needed. Even better, opt for a natural or non-toxic detergent pod or strip instead of the single-use plastic containers on the market.

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Stain Treatment

Treat stains immediately by lightly dabbing the area with cold water or with a solvent suitable for cotton fabrics. Avoid direct heat as that will set the stain. Avoid bleach, especially when dealing with coloured garments, and always opt for a non-toxic alternative.

Reverse side of Kotn loopback terry


Always air dry—it will reduce your energy consumption and environmental footprint, and will prolong the life of your garment.

Once washed, give your garment a shake to reduce wrinkles forming, and lay flat to dry on a clean surface. For stiffer garments, like woven shirting or trousers, you can gently pull on the garment to flatten the fabric and its seams, and hang it to dry.

As cotton is a natural fibre, it’s more prone to shrinking than synthetic materials. Air drying will reduce the chance of shrinkage and will put less stress on the fibres of the garment, allowing it to stay in better shape, longer. If you opt to dry your garments outside, we suggest keeping them out of the sun.

Steaming a shirt

To remove wrinkles after washing or wearing, soft knitted garments, like T-shirts and sweatshirts, should be gently steamed. Rigid fabrics, like woven shirting or trousers, can be steamed or ironed using the damp or steam setting on the iron. Using steam will help to smooth the fibres of the garment.

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