2019, A Year in Review
A match made for winter
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2019: Year in Review

At Kotn, our goal is to set the standard for conscious creation and consumption–developing products that are well made, carefully considered and designed to have a positive impact. And with your support, over the last year, we made some big strides to do so.

Our Schools

A First Generation of Literacy

Since day one, we’ve donated 1% of all of our sales to fund literacy projects in the Nile Delta and Faiyum, Egypt—where all the cotton for our collections is grown. The children attending our second school, opened last year in the village of Sakrana, are the first 37 people in that community to learn to read and write. Not only do these schools provide access to education, life skills, and opportunity, they create an exit from the cycle of poverty. Opening the door for one child opens the door for generations to come.

Over Black Friday through Cyber Monday 2019, we donated 100% of profits to fund and build two more schools, growing our total number of operating schools by the end of 2020 to seven.

Our Supply Chain

100% Traceability

Only 5% of the world’s top 200 fashion brands know the source of their raw materials, often having no visibility beyond the factory where their clothing is sewn. That means the farms, yarn mills, dye houses, and subcontractors that make up 80% of a product’s creation are invisible, and often suffer injustices as a result.

Instead, we start from the ground-up, working with the cotton farmers first, and then directly with every single step to ensure 100% traceability, and accountability, into everything we do. Knowing who makes your clothes, how, and when, shouldn’t be a luxury, but a standard.

This year, we showed you the full story.

Our Cotton

Subsidies for 690 Farms

In 2019 we worked with 690 small-holder farms, providing subsidies like fertilizer and agricultural consultants, directly reducing their operating costs by an average of 28%, while increasing their farming yields, and subsequently, their revenues.

690 farmers mean approximately 2,760 family members—all of which your T-shirt helped to positively impact.

Carbon Footprint

Clearing The Air

Starting in October, we’ve carbon offset the shipment of every online order by purchasing renewable energy offsets and RECs. That’s 30,631.06 lbs of carbon cleaned through improved forest management, solar and wind energy, and landfill and livestock gas captured.

2020: Resolutions

100% Plastic Free

As in all industries, the final product shows just a snippet of the overall picture, with most of the environmental damage happening behind the scenes.

Since day one, we’ve sent your products to you in 100% plastic-free recyclable packaging and made an effort to be as minimalistic and conscious in all areas of our business. In order to protect the garments during shipment and storage, however, it’s industry practice for products to be sent in plastic between the factory and warehouse. While this is all recycled, it’s still plastic. So by the end of 2020, we plan to remove 100% of single-use plastic from our supply chain.

Second Life

To close the loop on our products’ life cycles, in 2019 we began looking into ways we could reuse textiles from past collections and give them a second life. Starting with creating scrunchies from scraps (now available in all stores!) we’ll be taking this to the next level in 2020.

Doing The Math

To reduce your impact, you first need to measure it. In 2020, we’re going to measure the environmental impact of every one of our pieces, from farm to hanger, in order to accurately reduce our carbon emissions and energy consumption at every stage of our supply chain.

Conscious Design

With every collection, we take a step back to consider our pieces, collecting your feedback and acting on your suggestions. Great things take time, and we spent all of 2019 working to make 2020’s collections our best yet. We can’t wait for you to meet them.

2020 marks our fifth year in business, a milestone we would never have met without you continuously driving us to do better and to stay accountable. Thank you for fueling this journey and for coming along for the ride.