Mom Knows Best

Mom Knows Best

We handed the reins to our team’s biggest fans: a collection of favourites curated by our moms here at Kotn, for yours.

“I love the tanks, they look really good on and I like the way they curve to the body.”

Chris’s Mom, Ida’s Picks: The High Neck and Square Neck Tank

“Made from the softest cotton, I love this top. It’s perfect on its own but it’s also fabulous layered under a crisp cotton shirt or a crew neck T-shirt to add a pop of colour.”

Holly’s mom, Siobhan’s picks: the Fitted Longsleeve, Fitted Turtleneck and Culotte Sweatpants

Anna’s mom, Ināra’s pick: the Fitted Turtleneck

“Generally speaking, I love oversized clothing and how they feel. Totally obsessed with white shirts!”

Illia’s mom, Anna’s picks: the Oversized Oxford and Women’s Essential Crew

Naomi’s mom, Marilee’s pick: the Culotte Sweatpants

“The Mock Neck Sweatshirt is by far my favourite piece. I feel completely enveloped in the most comforting way. This piece washes so well and is my go-to piece for cold winter evenings.”

Molly-Rae’s mom, Donna’s picks: the Crew Socks, Mock Neck Sweatshirt and Band Tee

“It’s very flattering, comfortable and the cut is perfect. I like the narrow armhole and the length hits at exactly the right spot. It can be worn ultra casually—in fact, I sometimes use them as work out wear—but it can also look chic when it’s dressed up.”

Mackenzie’s mom, Adrianne’s pick: the High Neck Tank and The Fitted Longsleeve

“I am really into oversized and comfortable fits. The shrunken hoodie is very functional, I love details like the pockets and the ribbed fabric.”

Margot’s mom, Béatrice’s picks: the Shrunken Hoodie and Oversized Oxford

“The fact that the weekend shirt is made for a petite frame and shorter torso is a BONUS! I love the tan stripe colour because I can pair it with black pants, a sweater/blazer, and accent it with my tan and black jewelry!”

Sonia’s mom, Barb’s pick: the Weekday Shirt

“I like to wear my T-shirts everywhere! When I go bowling, around the house—I wear them with my denim and sweaters, or even exercising... and they’re very comfortable during all seasons!”

Roanne’s mom, Mary-Ann’s pick: the Women’s Essential Crew

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