Tonya Papanikolov

Tonya Papanikolov The Well Woman

Alchemy—it’s not a word you hear every day. But for Tonya Papanikolov, it’s woven into her work, life, and her Instagram bio. Even her apartment has a sense of magic, it’s nearly floor-to-ceiling diamond-paned windows flooding light into her living room.

A Holistic Nutritionist, and Founder and CEO of Rainbo Mushrooms, we joined Tonya to chat about the importance of routine, the healing powers of mushrooms, and using meditation to tap into creative energy.

On day-to-day rituals

“I am hardcore about sleep. I always aim for 7.5-8 hours to feel my most optimal. I wake up, cuddle, drink water, and meditate and chant every morning. I feel amazing and powerful after. My boyfriend embraces the strangeness of it for which I’m grateful. I also have a gratitude practice, make a green smoothie and eat lots of raw foods (plant-based) and functional mushrooms and superfoods throughout my day. The body LOVES routine and this is what helps balance our hormones, endocrine system, etc., so I’m trying to create more consistent routines in meal times, sleep times, exercise.”

On uniforms:

“As much as I love and need some statement pieces in my wardrobe, I’m busy, so functional pieces are what I need day-to-day. I love pieces I can move in day-to-night, as time is of the essence. My ideal uniform is a onesie for ease and style. I love combining vintage with new and I definitely take inspiration from the 1970s. More than ever, if I invite something into my closet I want it to stay there for a while.”

“More than ever, if I invite something into my closet I want it to stay there for a while.”

On achieving balance:

“Lately, wellness means being in a dynamic flow with life. No expectations. Just doing my best to find balance. I’m in the thick of [life] and I love it! Currently, my work with Rainbo is full-on 12-16 hour days, but I’m excited and energized by it so it feels amazing. Balance for me looks like meditation 1-2 times a day, movement daily, meals away from technology, consistent meal and sleep time and spending time with my partner and friends.”

On inspiration:

“Photography, documentaries, art, conversation with friends, ceremonies, mentors, books; all these things contribute to my inspiration. I hone and honour my meditative practice so that I can tap into inspiration. My creativity and inspiration thrive in expansive, natural environments: by myself, without deadlines, so this usually means that I am off my computer, off of email, off the to-do lists, and exploring nature and am taking time to meditate.

“I like to follow the pings and hunches I get in mediation when my mind is quiet, some of the most revelational, mystical moments (for me) happen in this state.”

On Rainbo:

“Rainbo is a sustainable, medicinal mushroom company that I launched in 2019! We make medicinal mushroom natural health products like tinctures and functional foods. We’re passionate about optimizing health and open minds with mushrooms. We cultivate our mushrooms in Canada using sustainable practices, and give back to eco-systems and the mycelial network through planting trees and through mycoremediation efforts.”

Worn by Tonya Papanikolov

Tonya is wearing the men's Oxford Shirt in small, Culotte Trousers and High Neck Tank.