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Khyra Galloway The Value of Things

It’s supposed to be Spring, but the weather app says -2°C, as we’re invited inside interior designer Khyra’s apartment.

Her calm, soft-spoken attitude carries over to the living room that doubles as a showroom - a paired down, bright space with just the best pieces on display. Everything else is neatly packed away in a closet, along with shopping bags and tissue paper for packing customer’s orders.

“It’s partly out of necessity, but I actually prefer it this way”, she laughs. “By opening up my own home, I invite people to a relaxed, real-life space that give the objects a bit of context, instead of always just swiping through products on a screen.”

“I think sentimental value is very real,” she continues. “We just project it onto different things. I still have sneakers from my childhood that would be super valuable to the right collector, but because they’re not important to me, I just see the shoe, and not their monetary value.”

“I once bought this Marcel Breuer chair from an old Italian couple for a few hundred dollars. I kept telling them that it was worth way more, but they just wanted to get rid of it because it clashed with their floral curtains.”

When asked how to get into the vintage interior design game, Khyra recommends her own three-step method:

1. Focus

Go in with an idea of what you want to leave with. Have an open mind, but try to focus on a specific type of item, like candlesticks or water jugs. Don’t worry about missing out.

2. Prepare

Put together a mood board with a few tones and some key pieces or details of things you’re into, so you can always refer to it to compare the items you find against your original ideas.

3. Evaluate

I like to just throw everything in the cart first, and then line all the items up and evaluate them one by one. Does it fit the mood board? Is it the right colour? How will this look mixed in with my other finds?

Khyra Galloway is an interior and set designer and one half of Shop Era, a Toronto-based interior design shop focusing on designer furniture and vintage objects.

Worn by Khyra Galloway

Khyra is 5'8" and is wearing a size small.