Jess, Lori, and Jules

Jess, Lori, and Jules Childproof

As an excuse to spend a day photographing cute kids in our new studio, we invited three of the city’s coolest moms to show off some of the additions to our upcoming women’s collection.

Jessica and Naomi

As a warehouse and sales associate, our very own Jessica is the captain of the Toronto flagship and the only mother in the Kotn family. In a calm and steady manner, she navigates incoming shipments, inventory tracking and customer requests to and from our store.

Lori and Jacob

From jury duty to Call of Duty, both Lori and Jacob take their passions seriously. Lori Montague is a provincial judge in the Ontario Court of Justice — Jacob is a video game developer in the making.

Jules and River

Full-time entrepreneur Jules recently opened up a physical retail location for Agaboshi, bringing Korean made children’s apparel to Toronto’s West End. A brand ambassador at the age of 2, it was her son River that inspired Jules’ leap into the adorable world of kidswear.