Dani Roche

Dani Roche IRL

A self-proclaimed “product of the internet age,” Toronto-native Dani Roche has a knack for bringing digital into the real world, growing her teenage style blog into an experience-focused creative agency, which then expanded into a school.

Nestled between colour-pops and a floor-to-ceiling prop wall, we chatted with Dani about building businesses with intention and taking her work-from-home wardrobe beyond the front door.

On routine

“I wake up every morning, try to do a few stretches, and then make coffee. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve been slower to get to my computer—but I still look forward to getting to my emails and drinking coffee.”

“I often work in silence—and in the morning when the sun comes in through my windows while I'm drinking coffee, everything feels still and peaceful, and work doesn't really feel like work anymore.”

On uniforms

“I work from home, so I’m often in loungewear. That said, when I do have to leave my house, it feels natural to want to continue that similar feeling, so I almost always opt for basics.

“My closet has two spectrums: everyday and functional, and eccentric and costume-y! While my outfits are often a combination of these two worlds, I am most able to justify purchases that fall under the former.”

On building a thoughtful—and cohesive—brand

“I’ve always been super intuitive, and my work is a reflection of this intuition. When I’m starting any new project, I do a lot of research—considering everything from how a project came to be, where the project is going, who the project is speaking to, etc. After mapping all of these elements out, I usually have a good feeling about how I want a project to look and feel. This doesn’t mean I close my eyes and have the right typefaces come to mind; rather, it means I get a sense for the aesthetic feeling and the overall brand story and how those two items correspond.”

On democratizing education

“SCHOOL by K&P was founded with the intention of providing new opportunities to a wide and varied audience via skill-building classes. With the progression of technology and increased access to information, entrepreneurial success stories aren’t driven by a traditional educational path like they were when our parents were younger. This means that there is a decreased pressure to be hindered by mounds of college debt. This is amazing, as in many cases, pursuing post-secondary education isn’t even feasible due to class systems.

“Beyond creating a community for extended learning, SCHOOL also has a mission to provide free courses to marginalized communities—taking a step towards levelling out the playing field and providing new potential for all.”

On staying true to yourself

“Through every business endeavour, you can only hope to stay true to yourself while still turning a profit. That said, the more I work, the more I realize that being able to pursue projects that keep me excited and interested is one of the greatest luxuries! I’m curious by nature and I love a challenge: but I also like to have the time and space to sit back and enjoy the process and the end result.”

Worn by Dani Roche

Dani is wearing the Fitted Turtleneck, Essential Shirt and High Waist Tapered Trouser