Our Cotton

Our brand is named for the incredible fibre we’ve built our company around.

The one and only Nile Delta

In our search for the best fabric for our t-shirts, we fell in love with extra long staple Egyptian cotton. We believe there is no natural fibre like it in the world. Like Champagne or Cognac, authentic Egyptian cotton can only be grown in one specific geological region, the Nile Delta, where the Nile River splits in two and flows into the Mediterranean.

Cutting out the middle man in every step of the process

After the cotton is picked, it is loaded onto trucks where we oversee the process from yarn and fabric mill to dye house to cut and sew factory. By cutting out the wholesaler in every step of the process we are able to keep more money in the hands of the people who work hard to protect the craft and keep prices down for our customers. 

Partnering with professionals who care about their employees

Our cut and sew factory is situated between Cairo & Alexandria and employs many people from both cities. The owner of our factory, Tamer, goes above and beyond for his employees, even bringing in a psychologist once a month, available to help relieve the stress people have been facing because of the political turmoil in Egypt. 

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