Giving Back

It's about more than cotton, it's about people.

We look for partners, not suppliers; people we can work with to create the best product possible and give back what we get. Kotn has a three-tiered approach to redeveloping the industry; from resources to education to development.

Private subsidies & guaranteed prices

Once the nation’s largest export, cotton production in Egypt has been in severe decline for the last 10 years. While developing Kotn, news broke that the government was cutting all subsidies to cotton farmers; meaning the potential extinction of the world’s finest naturally grown fibre. So we took on the responsibility of providing private subsidies by ourselves; starting with fourteen independent and family-owned farms in the form of fertilizer, seeds and agricultural consultants.

Improving education to prevent child labor.

We believe that revitalizing the Egyptian Cotton Industry begins with education. We work to help eradicate illiteracy by giving a portion of all of our proceeds to an organization that provides free education and services to young children in rural areas of The Nile Delta region.

Developing a platform 
for the future

By sponsoring young Egyptian adults to attend Cairo's agricultural engineering university, we aim to contribute to modernizing the industry. Our students are learning how to improve techniques and methods of agricultural production, processing and marketing. They will bring new sustainable practices back to their communities, and in time, improve the quality of rural life. We're excited to work toward being part of the change.

Feel good about feeling good.