The Take Care Collection

Take Care

Inspired by the curative powers of movement and physical connection, a two-piece collection that reminds us to take care, created by our very own designer, illustrator Margot Fabre.

Drawing reference from fellow French-native Matisse’s La Danse, Margot’s work explores a more whimsical interpretation of the human form—and all the emotions that come along with being in it.

“I like feeling the energy and vibrations 
of a line drawing. Ink is the perfect medium for me, it’s about embracing its imperfections—you can’t erase it. It’s like choreography, something you repeat over and over until you like the result.”
“In terms of process, everything 
is a process—sketches and final drawings are the same thing for me, they are part 
of a flow and capture a moment.”
“I usually draw on the floor, it allows me 
to take space and not feel restricted. 
And I like using paper I recycle—it doesn’t feel too precious.”
“A good trick is to switch hands: 
I am left-handed, so I sometimes hold 
the brush in my right hand. It helps 
to let go of control.”
2 designs, 100 pieces. Available online now.