Milk and Sugar

Milk and Sugar

A fabric synonymous with summer—two airy and light seersucker styles to keep the heat at bay.

Originating in India, the name seersucker derives from the Persian compound “shîr o shakar,” meaning “milk and sugar,” to reflect the smooth and knobby textures that give the fabric its character. Adopted amongst the Ivey League elite in the 1920s, seersucker began as a working man’s fabric, its signature hickory stripe ubiquitous among railroad workers, butchers, and gas station attendants alike, as it was durable, hid stains, and most importantly, kept them cool on the job.

Southern Haberdasher Joseph Haspel created the first seersucker suit in 1909, adapting the fabric from the factory overalls he was producing. Haspel marketed its “wash and wear” nature by jumping in the ocean, flaunting that the suit was dry by dinnertime.

The look persisted as a cool alternative to casual summer wear throughout the ‘50s and ‘60s, with Miles Davis debuting a seersucker suit on the cover of his 1958 live album, _At Newport_.

Crafted from 100% Egyptian cotton, our version of the storied seersucker, available now in two new styles: the Short Sleeve and the Cropped Button-Up.

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