Fall Colours

Fall Colours

The Puff-Sleeve Sweatshirt

Sky Inspired by the cloudless Egyptian sky, when it's bright from the sun, but hazy from the heat. A light, happy hue to add a subtle hit of colour to any look.

The Square Neck Longsleeve

Brick An earthy and rich tone, like a bright terracotta. Italian for “baked earth,” terracotta clay was common in prehistoric art, like the creation of ancient Egyptian mortuary statuettes, or shabti, in royal tombs.

Fitted Henley in Alabaster Fitted Henley in Alabaster The Fitted Henley

Alabaster A soft and creamy off-white based in geology. Oriental alabaster, also known as marble, was extensively used by the Egyptians to craft the fixings of tombs and sacrificial amulets, due to its moldable properties and luxurious lustre.

The Fitted Turtleneck

Cocoa A luxurious, deep brown reminiscent of black coffee, a hue historically favoured by artists of the Baroque period such as Caravaggio and Rembrandt for its ability to heighten dramatic effect.

The Longsleeve Babydoll Dress

Moss A cool and calm colour derived from nature. Just bright enough to wake up an outfit, while staying in the neutral zone.

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