100% Cotton Mélange

100% Cotton Mélange

One step closer to plastic free.

We pride ourselves on being a cotton-based company—a fibre that naturally biodegrades. For product performance, however, we still have a few pieces that contain a trace of polyester, and up until now, our mélange fabrics did too.

Synthetic materials, like polyester, nylon, rayon, and more, make up 60% of our clothes worldwide—and all of which are a form of plastic. That means 60% of our clothing could take up 200 years to decompose, and until then, shed tiny pieces of plastic called microfibers every time they’re washed.

So after much searching and experimenting, we’re proud to introduce our very own 100% cotton mélange. French for “mixed,” mélange refers to fibres that are cross-dyed to create a heathered effect, a complex process that leads most suppliers to mix in synthetic fibres to lower the cost. A small price to pay, we think, to be plastic free.

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