{ "title":"Essential Crew","handle":"womens-essential-crew" ,"community": [ { "image":"/v1558315404/9F05AD35-67CD-4837-BD0F-A4B536E134A6.jpg", "caption":"", "handle":"serenafenn"}, { "image":"/v1558315618/kotn-claudia-cusano-final-4360.jpg", "caption":"", "handle":"claudia_cusano"}, { "image":"/v1558315293/%40taraleighrose%202.jpg", "caption":"", "handle":"taraleighrose"}, { "image":"/v1558315268/flasalle.jpg", "caption":"", "handle":"flasalle"}, { "image":"/v1543518277/gaby-bayona-final-9663.jpg", "caption":"", "handle":"gabybayona"}, { "image":"/v1558315182/%40sisiliapiring.jpg", "caption":"", "handle":"sisiliapiring"}, { "image":"/v1558315157/image00001.jpg", "caption":"", "handle":"goodgyaljj"}, { "image":"/v1558315120/Molly-4.jpg", "caption":"", "handle":"mollyspittal"} ] ,"tabs": [ { "title":"Editor’s Note", "contents":"A timeless classic and our women’s best-seller, the Essential Crew is made from our buttery-soft mid-weight cotton jersey. Updated for summer 2019 with your suggestions to now fit longer in the body with slight shaping through the waist."}, { "title":"Fabric, Details & Care", "contents":"Our signature midweight brushed jersey made from 100% long-staple Egyptian cotton. Ethically made in Egypt using direct-trade practices. Wash cold with natural detergent and lay flat to dry. We suggest sizing up one size if you plan to machine dry."}, { "title":"Shipping & Returns", "contents":"North American shipping is free if it’s your first order, and for orders with 2+ items (or $8 flat rate). Orders placed before 2pm EST will be shipped out the same day (otherwise next day) — once in transit, delivery takes 1-3 business days. International shipments are free on orders $150+ (or $40 flat rate), and takes between 5-10 days in transit. Sale items, underwear, and socks are final sale."} ] ,"fit" : { "type":"Regular", "details":"A regular fitting tee with slight shaping through the waist. Length hits around the hips.
\nModel in Army Green is 5ft 8in, size 2, and wearing a size S.
\nModel in Navy is 5ft 7in, size 6, and wearing a size S.
\nModel in White is 5ft 8in, size 2, and wearing a size S.
\nModel in Black is 5ft 7in, size 6, and wearing a size S.
\nModel in Oat Melange is 5ft 8in, size 4, and wearing a size S.
"} ,"body_measurements": { "table": [{ "row": [ { "column": "Size" },{ "column":"XS"},{ "column":"S"},{ "column":"M"},{ "column":"L"},{ "column":"XL"},{ "column":"XXL"}] },{ "row": [ { "column": "Bust (in)" },{ "column":"33-34"},{ "column":"35-36"},{ "column":"37-38"},{ "column":"39-40"},{ "column":"41-42"},{ "column":"43-44"}] },{ "row": [ { "column": "Bust (cm)" },{ "column":"84-88"},{ "column":"89-93"},{ "column":"94-98"},{ "column":"99-103"},{ "column":"104-108"},{ "column":"108-112"}] },{ "row": [ { "column": "Waist (in)" },{ "column":"25-26"},{ "column":"27-28"},{ "column":"29-31"},{ "column":"32-33"},{ "column":"34-35"},{ "column":"36-37"}] },{ "row": [ { "column": "Waist (cm)" },{ "column":"64-68"},{ "column":"69-73"},{ "column":"74-80"},{ "column":"81-86"},{ "column":"87-91"},{ "column":"92-96"}] }], "guide": { "instructions": [{ "title":"Bust", "description":"Measure under your arms, around the fullest part of your chest."},{ "title":"Waist", "description":"Measure around your natural waistline, keeping the tape a bit loose."}] } } ,"garment_measurements": { "table": [{ "row": [ { "column": "Size" },{ "column":"XS"},{ "column":"S"},{ "column":"M"},{ "column":"L"},{ "column":"XL"},{ "column":"XXL"}] },{ "row": [ { "column": "Shoulders" },{ "column":"32cm / 12.6in"},{ "column":"34cm / 13.4in"},{ "column":"36cm / 14.2in"},{ "column":"38cm / 15in"},{ "column":"40cm / 15.7in"},{ "column":"42cm / 16.5in"}] },{ "row": [ { "column": "Chest" },{ "column":"43cm / 16.9in"},{ "column":"46cm / 18.1in"},{ "column":"49cm / 19.3in"},{ "column":"52cm / 20.4in"},{ "column":"55cm / 21.6in"},{ "column":"58cm / 22.8in"}] },{ "row": [ { "column": "Waist" },{ "column":"39cm / 15.3in"},{ "column":"42cm / 16.5in"},{ "column":"45cm / 17.7in"},{ "column":"48cm / 18.9in"},{ "column":"51cm / 20.1in"},{ "column":"54cm / 21.3in"}] },{ "row": [ { "column": "Length" },{ "column":"60cm / 23.6in"},{ "column":"62cm / 24.4in"},{ "column":"64cm / 25.2in"},{ "column":"66cm / 26in"},{ "column":"68cm / 26.8in"},{ "column":"70cm / 27.6in"}] },{ "row": [ { "column": "Sleeve" },{ "column":"17cm / 6.7in"},{ "column":"18cm / 7.1in"},{ "column":"19cm / 7.5in"},{ "column":"20cm / 7.9in"},{ "column":"21cm / 8.3in"},{ "column":"22cm / 8.6in"}] }], "guide": { "instructions": [{ "title":"Shoulders", "description":"Measured straight across, from the outer-most point of the shoulder"},{ "title":"Chest", "description":"Measured across the body, from armpit-to-armpit"},{ "title":"Waist", "description":"Measured across the body, 44cm (17in) down from the top of the upper-most part of the garment"},{ "title":"Length", "description":"Measured from top to bottom, from the upper-most part of the garment to the bottom of the hem"},{ "title":"Sleeve", "description":"Measured straight down from the top of the shoulder seam, to the end of the sleeve hem, along the outside"}] } } }