{ "title":"Veja V-10 Sneaker in Extra White Black","handle":"veja-v-10-sneaker-in-extra-white-black" ,"tabs": [ { "title":"Editor’s Note", "contents":"

Simplicity and ease come together for your go-to sneaker: a style to celebrate Veja’s 10th anniversary. With the signature V prominent as always, they’re classically Veja through and through.

\nTransparency and fair trade sourcing are part and parcel of the Veja brand. Since 2005, the French sneaker label has strived to bring sustainability to each stage of production through their use of natural and recycled materials.

\n"}, { "title":"Fabrics & Care ", "contents":"
\nMade in Brazil. 33% organic cotton, 67% recycled polyester lining. Leather upper and panels. Rubber sole and insole. Runs half a size large.
\n"}, { "title":"Shipping and Returns", "contents":"Orders take 1-2 business days to process before they are shipped.
\nOnce shipped, delivery will take 1-6 business days (depending on your distance from Toronto).
\nInternational shipments are free on orders $150+ (or $40 flat rate), and take between 5-10 days in transit. Sale items, underwear, and socks are final sale."} ] ,"fit" : { "type":"Regular", "details":"Runs half a size large.
\n"} ,"body_measurements": { "table": [{ "row": [ { "column": "EU Women's Sizes" },{ "column":"36"},{ "column":"37"},{ "column":"38"},{ "column":"39"},{ "column":"40"},{ "column":"41"}] },{ "row": [ { "column": "US & CA Women’s" },{ "column":"5"},{ "column":"6"},{ "column":"7"},{ "column":"8"},{ "column":"9"},{ "column":"10"}] },{ "row": [ { "column": "EU Men's Sizes" },{ "column":"42"},{ "column":"43"},{ "column":"44"},{ "column":"45"},{ "column":"46"},{ "column":"47"}] },{ "row": [ { "column": "US & CA Men’s" },{ "column":"7"},{ "column":"8"},{ "column":"9"},{ "column":"10"},{ "column":"11"},{ "column":"12"}] }], "guide": { "instructions": [] } } }