{ "title":"Essential Sweatshirt","handle":"essential-sweatshirt" ,"tabs": [ { "title":"Editor’s Note", "contents":"The Essential Shirt is an easy and elegant everyday button-up tailored through the shoulders and sleeves and relaxed through the body. Made from our signature lightweight twill, it’s drapey and light, perfect for layering and transitional weather."}, { "title":"Fabric, Details & Care", "contents":"Loopback terrycloth with stretch rib collar and cuffs made from 100% long-staple Egyptian cotton. Ethically made in Egypt using direct-trade practices. Wash cold and lay flat to dry. We suggest sizing up one size if you plan to machine dry."}, { "title":"Shipping & Returns", "contents":"North American shipping is free if it’s your first order, and for orders with 2+ items (or $8 flat rate). Orders placed before 2pm EST will be shipped out the same day (otherwise next day) — once in transit, delivery takes 1-3 business days. International shipments are free on orders $150+ (or $40 flat rate), and takes between 5-10 days in transit. Sale items, underwear, and socks are final sale."} ] ,"fit" : { "type":"Regular", "details":"Features a straight fitting body and sleeves, and a slight drop shoulder. Item is fit for men’s sizing, so we suggest sizing one down for women. Fit is longer and slimmer than our ’90s Sweatshirt.
\nMale model in Army Green is 6ft 1in, wearing a size M. Female model in Army Green is 5ft 8in, size 2, and wearing an XS.
\nMale model in Black is 6ft 1in, wearing a size M. Female model in Black is 5ft 8in, size 2 and wearing an XS.\nModel in Heather Grey is 6ft 1in, wearing a size M.
\nModel in Mauve is 6ft 1in, wearing a size L.
\nModel in Navy is 5ft 11in, wearing a size M."} ,"body_measurements": { "table": [{ "row": [ { "column": "Size" },{ "column":"XS"},{ "column":"S"},{ "column":"M"},{ "column":"L"},{ "column":"XL"},{ "column":"XXL"}] },{ "row": [ { "column": "Chest (in)" },{ "column":"32-34"},{ "column":"35-37"},{ "column":"38-40"},{ "column":"41-43"},{ "column":"44-46"},{ "column":"47-49"}] },{ "row": [ { "column": "Chest (cm)" },{ "column":"81-86"},{ "column":"89-94"},{ "column":"97-102"},{ "column":"104-109"},{ "column":"112-117"},{ "column":"119-125"}] },{ "row": [ { "column": "Waist (in)" },{ "column":"26-28"},{ "column":"29-31"},{ "column":"32-34"},{ "column":"35-37"},{ "column":"38-40"},{ "column":"41-43"}] },{ "row": [ { "column": "Waist (cm)" },{ "column":"66-71"},{ "column":"74-79"},{ "column":"81-86"},{ "column":"89-94"},{ "column":"97-102"},{ "column":"104-109"}] },{ "row": [ { "column": "Neck (in)" },{ "column":"13-13.5"},{ "column":"14-14.5"},{ "column":"15-15.5"},{ "column":"16-16.5"},{ "column":"17-17.5"},{ "column":"18-18.5"}] },{ "row": [ { "column": "Neck (cm)" },{ "column":"33-34"},{ "column":"36-37"},{ "column":"38-39"},{ "column":"41-42"},{ "column":"43-44"},{ "column":"46-47"}] }], "guide": { "instructions": [{ "title":"Chest", "description":"Measure under your arms around the fullest part of your chest."},{ "title":"Neck", "description":"Measure around the middle of your neck (at the Adam’s apple), keeping tape a bit loose."},{ "title":"Waist", "description":"Measure around your natural waistline, keeping the tape a bit loose."}] } } ,"garment_measurements": { "table": [{ "row": [ { "column": "Size" },{ "column":"XS"},{ "column":"S"},{ "column":"M"},{ "column":"L"},{ "column":"XL"},{ "column":"XXL"}] },{ "row": [ { "column": "Shoulders" },{ "column":"48cm / 18.9in"},{ "column":"50cm / 19.7in"},{ "column":"52cm / 20.5in"},{ "column":"54cm / 21.3in"},{ "column":"56cm / 22in"},{ "column":"58cm / 22.8in"}] },{ "row": [ { "column": "Chest" },{ "column":"52cm / 20.5in"},{ "column":"55cm / 21.7in"},{ "column":"58cm / 22.8in"},{ "column":"61cm / 24in"},{ "column":"64cm / 25.2in"},{ "column":"62cm / 24.4in"}] },{ "row": [ { "column": "Length" },{ "column":"70cm / 27.6in"},{ "column":"72cm / 28.3in"},{ "column":"74cm / 29.1in"},{ "column":"76cm / 29.9in"},{ "column":"78cm / 30.7in"},{ "column":"80cm / 31.5in"}] },{ "row": [ { "column": "Sleeve" },{ "column":"64cm / 25.2in"},{ "column":"65cm / 25.6in"},{ "column":"66cm / 26in"},{ "column":"67cm / 26.4in"},{ "column":"68cm / 26.8in"},{ "column":"69cm / 27.2in"}] },{ "row": [ { "column": "Neck" },{ "column":"17cm / 6.7in"},{ "column":"17.5cm / 6.9in"},{ "column":"18cm / 7.1in"},{ "column":"18.5cm / 7.3in"},{ "column":"19cm / 7.5in"},{ "column":"19.5cm / 7.7in"}] }], "guide": { "instructions": [{ "title":"Shoulder", "description":"Measured straight across, from the outer-most point of the shoulder"},{ "title":"Chest", "description":"Measured across the body, from armpit-to-armpit"},{ "title":"Length", "description":"Measured from top to bottom, from the upper-most part of the garment to the bottom of the hem"},{ "title":"Sleeve", "description":"Measured straight down from the top of the shoulder seam, to the end of the sleeve hem, along the outside"},{ "title":"Neck", "description":"Measured across, from the furthest inner edges of the neck opening."}] } } ,"size_comparison": { "table": [{ "row": [ { "column": "Kotn (US/CA)" },{ "column":"XS/TP"},{ "column":"S/P"},{ "column":"M/M"},{ "column":"L/G"},{ "column":"XL/TG"},{ "column":"XXL/TTG"}] },{ "row": [ { "column": "EU" },{ "column":"44"},{ "column":"46-48"},{ "column":"50"},{ "column":"52-54"},{ "column":"56"},{ "column":"58"}] },{ "row": [ { "column": "FR/IT/ES" },{ "column":"44"},{ "column":"46"},{ "column":"48"},{ "column":"50"},{ "column":"52"},{ "column":"54"}] },{ "row": [ { "column": "Suit" },{ "column":"36"},{ "column":"38"},{ "column":"40"},{ "column":"42"},{ "column":"44"},{ "column":"46"}] },{ "row": [ { "column": "Shirting" },{ "column":"14.5"},{ "column":"15-15.5"},{ "column":"16"},{ "column":"16.5"},{ "column":"17.5"},{ "column":"18.5"}] },{ "row": [ { "column": "Pants" },{ "column":"26-28"},{ "column":"28-30"},{ "column":"30-32"},{ "column":"32-34"},{ "column":"34-36"},{ "column":"36-48"}] }] } }